Villanova Amaranta Phase 4 - Amenities - Features

  Dubailand, Dubai

Amenities and Features

The townhouses in Amaranta Phase 4 will follow the same philosophy, as laid down by the developer while conceiving Villanova Amaranta Phase 3. From the very onset, the intention is to cater to the needs of families and individuals of all ages, seeking the serenity of a suburban lifestyle. Here, everyone is destined to enjoy and appreciate the full range of comforts and conveniences that are on offer.

Be it the Villas or the townhouses in Phase 3 and Phase 4, the feature and amenities being made available are best in class and is meant to engage the residents, where they can strike the right balance and lead and manage an active lifestyle, without worrying much about other constraints.

Best in Class Features & Amenities

  • mosques


  • gym


  • Walking and Biking Trails

    Walking and Biking Trails

  • school

    Nursery & School

  • Play Area

    Children’s play areas

  • Leisure & Family Areas

    Leisure & Family Areas

  • Sports Facilities & Cinema

    Sports Facilities & Cinema

  • Mall

    Close to Shopping Malls

  • Retail

    Retail Outlets with Outdoor Seating

  • bbq

    BBQ zones